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Find Perfect Livestock (For Sale) in Pakistan! Titans Pet connects you with breeders & sellers of Cows, Buffalos, Goats, Sheep, Cattle Farm Owners & more in Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi & Major Cities. 






In Pakistan, where agriculture plays a pivotal role in the economy, livestock is not just an asset but a cornerstone of rural livelihood. Yet, for many farmers and livestock enthusiasts, the quest to find the right animals often meets with hurdles—from locating the best breeds to ensuring a fair transaction. Enter Titans Pet, Pakistan’s largest pet classifieds platform with a keen focus on livestock. Here, you can discover a wide variety of animals, all through a simple, user-friendly interface designed to connect you directly with genuine breeders and sellers. Experience the ease of finding top-notch livestock, engaging with trustworthy partners, and conducting secure deals—all in one place.


Exploring Livestock Categories

At Titans Pet, we offer a comprehensive catalog of livestock categories, ensuring you find exactly what you need, whether for farming, breeding, or companionship:

  • Cows: Dive into our selection featuring popular breeds like Friesian and Sahiwal, known for their dairy and beef production qualities.
  • Buffalos: Robust and resilient, ideal for both dairy and agricultural work.
  • Goats: From the milk-rich Beetal to the adorable Teddy, our range suits various farming needs.
  • Sheep: Essential for wool and meat, available in several breeds suitable for Pakistan’s climate.
  • Poultry: Including chickens and ducks, perfect for small-scale farming or backyard poultry enthusiasts. (Optional)
  • Other Livestock: Explore more exotic options like horses, camels, and even fisheries. (Optional)

For each category, find detailed insights on common uses, breed benefits, and essential buying considerations like age and health. Plus, our user-friendly search filters—sorting by breed, location, and price—help you pinpoint the perfect match for your farming needs.


Things to Consider When Buying Livestock

Ensuring Quality in Every Purchase

When it comes to buying livestock, quality should never be compromised. At Titans Pet, we understand the critical importance of securing healthy, productive animals for your farms. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Health Certifications: Always check for up-to-date health records and necessary vaccinations.
  • Breed Characteristics: Understand the specific traits and productivity rates of the breed you’re considering.
  • Seller Reputation: Engage with sellers who have verified profiles and positive reviews on our platform.

By focusing on these key aspects, you ensure that every acquisition from Titans Pet not only meets but exceeds your expectations.



Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, where we aim to address your inquiries and provide clarity on various aspects. Delve into our comprehensive list of answers, tailored to assist you in your journey. Your curiosity is our priority, and we're here to make your experience as smooth as possible.