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Find thousands of healthy Poultry for Sale in Pakistan! Browse our listings or sell your own Chicks, Ducks & Hens locally (Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad) on Titans Pet, Pakistan's trusted Pet Classifieds platform.


Strengthening Our Community

Titans Pet is more than just a marketplace; it’s a hub where users from Lahore to Islamabad and beyond come together to share their love and knowledge of poultry. We understand the joy that poultry raising brings and are committed to supporting our community with a secure, user-friendly platform for all their needs.

Our Rich Offerings

By Bird Type:

  • Aseel: Known for its majestic appearance and fighting spirit, the Aseel breed is a symbol of strength and tradition in Pakistani poultry culture.
  • Rhode Island Red: Esteemed as one of the best egg layers, Rhode Island Reds are hardy, vibrant birds perfect for those starting their egg-laying ventures.
  • Golden Misri: Prized for its dual-purpose qualities and hardiness, the Golden Misri is a resilient breed, thriving in Pakistan’s varied climates.
  • Silkie Chickens: Cherished for their unique fluffy appearance and friendly nature, Silkies are excellent pets and brooders, often used to hatch eggs from other birds due to their strong maternal instincts.
  • Leghorns: Known for their prolific egg-laying capabilities, Leghorns are a favorite among those looking to maximize egg production. They are hardy, efficient, and adapt well to different environments.
  • Buff Orpingtons: These birds are admired for their gentle nature and the beautiful, buff-colored plumage. They're great for families, providing a steady supply of eggs and the potential for meat production.
  • Pekin Ducks: A popular choice for their fast growth and substantial meat yield. Pekin ducks are also relatively easy to raise, making them ideal for both commercial and backyard poultry projects.
  • Muscovy Ducks: Valued for their quietness and pest control abilities, Muscovy ducks are unique, with a distinctive appearance and the ability to adapt to various climates.
  • Brahma Chickens: Known as the "gentle giants" of the poultry world, Brahmas are impressive in size and appearance, with a calm demeanor. They're good layers of large eggs and can handle cold temperatures well.

By Location:

Each city in Pakistan has its preferences and poultry culture, and Titans Pet caters to them all:

  • Lahore: A city of Aseel enthusiasts and Leghorn lovers, reflecting the rich heritage and modern agricultural trends of the region.
  • Karachi: Where the demand for Broilers and Muscovy ducks meets the city’s bustling, diverse needs.
  • Islamabad: Home to aficionados of Rhode Island Reds and Australorps, blending tradition with the pursuit of egg-laying excellence.
  • Faisalabad: Recognized for its preference for Brahma chickens and Pekin ducks, reflecting the city's interest in diverse poultry types for both beauty and utility.
  • Multan: Here, Silkies and Buff Orpingtons are popular, cherished for their distinctive looks and friendly nature, suitable for small-scale farming and backyard enthusiasts.
  • Quetta: Known for its harsher climate, Quetta's poultry enthusiasts lean towards hardy breeds like Leghorns and Muscovy ducks, which can thrive in various conditions.

Beyond Buying and Selling

Titans Pet offers a treasure trove of resources designed to enrich your poultry raising experience:

  • Articles on Poultry Health: Dive into our comprehensive guides on common poultry diseases and their prevention, tailored for the Pakistani climate and breeds.
  • Coop Building Tips: Discover practical advice on constructing and maintaining poultry coops that stand up to Pakistan’s weather, ensuring your birds are safe, comfortable, and productive.
  • Expert Interviews: Gain insights from seasoned Pakistani poultry breeders, sharing their wisdom and experiences to help you grow and maintain your flock successfully.

Join the Titans Pet Family

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Embrace the joy of poultry raising with Titans Pet. Dive into our rich resource pool, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and find or offer the best poultry breeds in Pakistan. Your next poultry adventure starts here—visit Titans Pet today and become part of a community that turns poultry dreams into reality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, where we aim to address your inquiries and provide clarity on various aspects. Delve into our comprehensive list of answers, tailored to assist you in your journey. Your curiosity is our priority, and we're here to make your experience as smooth as possible.

  • Poultry animals are simply domesticated birds raised for their eggs, meat, feathers, or even as friendly companions.

  • Vets don't recommend feeding poultry manure to animals because it can contain harmful bacteria, parasites, and pathogens, which can be dangerous.

  • >Small-scale setup (50-100 birds): This can cost you up to Rs. 100,000.
    >Medium-scale farm (1,000-5,000 birds): This can range from Rs. 1 million to Rs. 5 million.
    >Large-scale commercial farm (30,000+ birds): These farms can require a significant investment, potentially exceeding Rs. 10 million.