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Titans Pet is Pakistan's largest pet platform dedicated to buying and selling horses. Serving major cities like Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad and the entire nation, we provide a user-friendly environment where horse enthusiasts can connect. Whether you're looking to buy, adopt or sell, our platform offers a comprehensive guide and extensive listings to help you find the perfect match for your equestrian needs.




Why You Choose Titans Pet To Buy/Sell Horse in Pakistan? 

Choosing Titans Pet means accessing a broad selection of horse listings through a reliable, high-quality marketplace. Our platform is designed to facilitate seamless interaction between buyers and sellers, ensuring a user-friendly experience backed by a commitment to excellence.

Buying Horses in Pakistan

The Joys of Horse Ownership

Owning a horse is not just about adding a pet to your life; it's about welcoming a new member into your family. Horses offer companionship and the opportunity to engage in various equestrian sports while providing therapeutic benefits that enrich your life.

Popular Breeds in Pakistan

At Titans Pet, you will find various horse breeds, catering to various preferences and purposes. Here are some additional breeds you can find across Pakistan:

  • Marwari: Recognizable by their unique inward-turning ear tips, these horses are celebrated for their loyalty and agility.
  • Sindhi: Adaptable and enduring, the Sindhi breed is well-suited for Pakistan's harsh climates and ideal for both riding and agricultural work.
  • Baluchi: Originating from Baluchistan, these horses are noted for their strength and endurance, making them perfect for long-distance riding.
  • Nukra: Highly valued in Pakistan for their distinctive white or grey color and graceful movements, making them a favorite for parades and ceremonial uses.
  • Akhal-Teke: Known for their metallic sheen and speed, these horses are one of the oldest and most striking breeds, ideal for endurance riding.
  • Unmol: Rare and prestigious, the Unmol breed is said to have mythical qualities, with a reputation for intelligence and incredible endurance.
  • Shire: This breed is one of the largest and strongest, known for its capability to pull weights and its calm demeanor, suitable for heavy tasks.
  • Friesian: Famous for their shiny black coat and powerful build, Friesians are often used in dressage and for leisure riding due to their gentle nature.

Nationwide Availability and Local Insights

Our platform isn't just limited to major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi; Titans Pet's reach extends throughout Pakistan.

  • Lahore: Explore a variety of breeds, from the fast Thoroughbreds to the elegant Friesians, perfect for the city's vibrant horse racing and dressage scenes.
  • Islamabad: In the serene settings of Islamabad, breeds like the Sindhi and the majestic Akhal-Teke thrive, suitable for both leisure and competitive riding.
  • Karachi: Urban horse enthusiasts in Karachi prefer versatile breeds such as the Baluchi and Nukra, adaptable to both city and coastal environments.
  • Nationwide Reach: No matter where you are in Pakistan—from the bustling markets of Peshawar to the tranquil landscapes of Gilgit—Titans Pet ensures that you have access to a broad selection of breeds and comprehensive services to meet your equestrian needs

Things To Consideration When Buying A Horse:

When looking to purchase a horse, consider the following:

  • Age and Health: Vital for determining care needs and longevity.
  • Temperament: Important for compatibility with your riding skill level.
  • Training: Assess levels from basic training to advanced competencies.
  • Budget and Intended Use: Ensure the horse price in Pakistan with your goals.

Finding Horses on Titans Pet


Platform Advantages

Titans Pet stands out due to our extensive selection, ease of use, and network of trusted sellers. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, our platform ensures a smooth transaction.

Search Functionality

You can easily filter searches by breed, location, price range, and more, allowing you to find your ideal horse without hassle.

Additional Considerations


Horse Care

Understanding the basics of horse care is essential. From feeding and grooming to regular veterinary visits, ensure you are prepared to provide the best care.

Buying Tips

Consider a pre-purchase inspection and feel comfortable negotiating to ensure that you make a well-informed decision.


Titans Pet offers a superior platform for finding horses for sale in Pakistan, emphasizing reliability and quality. Explore our listings today and discover the joy and fulfillment of owning a horse. Dive into the world of horse ownership with Titans Pet—where your perfect horse awaits.

Explore, Discover, and Connect with Titans Pet—where every horse and owner finds a perfect match.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section, where we aim to address your inquiries and provide clarity on various aspects. Delve into our comprehensive list of answers, tailored to assist you in your journey. Your curiosity is our priority, and we're here to make your experience as smooth as possible.