Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Titans Pet

1. What is Titans Pet?
Titans Pet is dedicated to connecting pet owners and enthusiasts for advertising pets. It serves as a platform where you can find various types of species like birds, animals, reptiles etc. They are available for sale, purchase, adoption and for stud, everything related to your pets. You can also attain veterinary services whenever required by you.
2. How does Titans Pet work?
Titans Pet provides a user-friendly interface where pet owners can create listings for their pets. This includes detailed descriptions, photos, videos and contact information. Potential adopters or buyers can browse these listings, search for specific types of pets, and contact the pet owners directly to arrange adoptions, purchases or sales. It also provide affordable accessories from trusted vendors. Pet trainers and experts plays a vital role, explore the feature.
3. What types of pets can be advertised on Titans Pet?
Titans Pet welcomes listings for a wide range of pets and animals, including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, small mammals, fish, and more. It is a diverse platform for all types of domesticated and exotic pets.
4. Is it free to use Titans Pet?
Yes, Titans Pet is absolutely free to use for all users, potential adopters and buyers. There are no fees associated with browsing pet advertisements, or browsing an event. However, when posting an ad may cause a small fee or user have many other offers.
5. How many accounts are there in Titans Pet?
There are three accounts in Titans Pet. Private account, Breeder Account & Veterinary Account.
6. How can I create ads for my pet on Titans Pet?
To create ads for your pet, you need to sign up for a free account on the Titans Pet website or application. Once registered, you can access the "Post an ad" feature, where you can provide all the necessary information about your pet, upload photos, set the adoption/sale terms, and share your contact details.
7. Can I edit or remove my pet's listing?
Yes, you have full control over your pet's listing. After creating a listing, you can easily edit or update the information whenever needed. Additionally, if your pet gets adopted or sold, you can remove the listing to avoid further inquiries.
8. How can I contact the pet owner or seller?
To contact the pet owner or seller, you can use the contact information provided in the pet's listing. This typically includes chat box or phone number. Reach out to them directly to ask questions, schedule visits, or discuss the adoption/sale process.
9. Are the pets on Titans Pet healthy and vaccinated?
Titans Pet does not directly verify the health or vaccination status of the pets listed on the platform. It is important for potential adopters or buyers to have open and transparent communication with the pet owner or seller regarding the health, vaccinations, and any other relevant information about the pet before making a decision.
10. Can I report suspicious or unethical listings on Titans Pet?
Yes, Titans Pet takes the integrity and safety of its community seriously. If you come across any suspicious or unethical listings, such as scams or inappropriate advertisements, you can report them to the Titans Pet support team. They will investigate the matter and take appropriate action to maintain the platform's reliability.
11. Is Titans Pet responsible for the transactions or interactions between pet owners and adopters/buyers?
No, Titans Pet serves as a platform for connecting pet owners and potential adopters/buyers. The actual transactions, adoption processes, and interactions between parties are solely the responsibility of the individuals involved. Titans Pet does not assume any liability or responsibility for the outcomes of these interactions.
12. How can I create an account on Titans Pet?
To create an account, simply download the Titans Pet app from the App Store or Google Play Store. Follow the registration process, provide the required information, and you'll be ready to start using the app.
13. How do I buy a pet on Titans Pet?
Browse through the available pet listings on the app and use the search filters to narrow down your preferences. Once you find a pet you're interested in, you can directly contact the seller to inquire about the pet and arrange the purchase.
14. Can I sell a pet on Titans Pet?
Yes, you can sell pets on Titans Pet. Simply create a listing for the pet you want to sell, including relevant details and images. Interested buyers can reach out to you through the app to discuss further.
15. What are breeder studs, and how can I access them on Titans Pet?
Breeder studs refer to male animals available for breeding purposes. Titans Pet provides a section dedicated to breeder studs, where you can explore and connect with breeders who offer their studs for mating.
16. Are veterinary services available through Titans Pet?
Yes, Titans Pet offers access to veterinary services. You can find information about veterinary clinics, services offered, and contact details within the app. Please note that the availability of veterinary services may vary based on your location.
17. How can I contact customer support for assistance?
If you have any questions, concerns, or need assistance with the app, you can reach out to our customer support team. We provide a support feature within the app where you can submit your inquiries, and our team will assist you promptly. Please see the details on the bottom of our web page or browse our app.
18. Is Titans Pet available in my country?
Titans Pet aims to provide its services worldwide. However, availability may vary by region. Please check the app or website to see if your country is supported.
19. What type of Events & Shows does Titans Pet performs?
Titans Pet provides a wide range of event host by third parties, aiming to establish immediate information where and when these event is been conducted. Please browse the Event feature in the app.
20. Live Complaint mode.
Yes, Titans Pet aims to provide live complaint mode. The purpose of live complaint mode is to enhance customer satisfaction by providing timely and The purpose of live complaint mode is to enhance customer satisfaction by providing timely and The purpose of live complaint mode is to enhance customer satisfaction by providing timely and personalised support, allowing users to voice their concerns and receive prompt attention and solutions. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are commonly asked questions and their corresponding answers provided to assist users with common issues or concerns in a concise and accessible format, reducing the need for direct support. They serve as a self-help resource, offering quick and convenient solutions to frequently encountered problems.